Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Trip envy and doll hair

     Everyone is leaving for Breyerfest, or will be leaving soon. Well not "everyone", it just seems like everyone. I have some serious trip-envy. I may have looked into how I could get to Kentucky at the last minute. Even just to go to Breyerfest for one day. That would work, right? Well, flying would cost about $1,000 for Travis and I. But I have yet to get him a state ID, so I don't think I could even get him on a plane. So that won't work. Busses and trains are also quite pricey, and there are a ton of transfers involved, and the travel would take about a day. *sigh* even if I drove it would take me over 14 hours and I would not have anyone to take over for me. Also, Breyer is sold out of parking passes. So even if I could talk myself into driving all day, to go to Breyerfest for one day, to drive all day the next day... it's not a good idea. Plus I would not have anywhere to park my car apparently. Oh, and in this last minute scenario we are sleeping in the car... that I have nowhere to park. So I guess I will just have to hope that another year I can make a trip to Breyerfest happen. This is not going to be that year. So I will find things to do to occupy my mind, I will stalk Facebook to see everyone's photos and try not to find things I want to buy (because I know there are people there that I could likely get to pick stuff up for me). At least the weather is nice here. It was about 90 again today with nice, low (for New England) humidity. 28% was the lowest I saw. It really has been amazing. I know a lot of people hate 90 degree weather. I am not those people. I LOVE it! Not when it is also humid, which it usually is, but it's been so great lately We did have one super humid gross day. But after the Spring of constant rain (and me being constantly cold) I am finally enjoying the weather. And I am not cold. 
     I managed to take 4 days off from doll making after finishing my Breyerfest sales dolls. It was really nice. I painted a horse, watched some shows while actually looking at the TV, spent some time out in the yard, worked on getting some tag sale stuff ready. Yesterday though, was laundry day. And while I guess I could sit in there and do nothing or read, I decided I needed to start doing doll work again. The easiest thing would be to hair some heads. I have dolls in my book that need getting to, two of them are the tiny Little Bit scale dolls. 
     When I agreed to try to do something about the dolls I was about 99% sure I could give them rooted hair. And it turns out I was right. I do have to be careful not to stab my hairing needle out the other side of the head while I am working, but it can be done! So now at the very least these little dolls will have nice hair. I need to do something about the really doll-like eyes as well. They are awful. One of the dolls just needs a driving apron and a helmet and the other I need to turn into a showmanship doll. I'm aiming for real clothes, but I have the go-ahead to paint her if necessary. So we'll see how that turns out. I have high hopes for them being way better than how they started.
     One of the Gracie Quinn heads (all the different hair colors of the KC's Galloping Gals dolls have different names) is for a western pleasure doll I need to make. She is part of an order that just needs to be done by next year. But I can't keep a doll in my book that long, so I got her hair done. And then there is this lady. It seems that I did almost no completely haired dolls for most of the 13 years I have been a doll maker and now I have needed several in the past month or two. This one is going to be for a very interesting, very fun, and also challenging doll build. Not as challenging as Jackie's Link doll (probably) but there will be some armor involved. So I will leave you with that little teaser and maybe go for a bike ride with Ethan. 

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