Saturday, July 13, 2019

Car Tetris

     While I didn't go to Breyerfest, I do still get to play car Tetris this weekend. We are having another tag sale (it's that season after all) and I had to pack stuff in the car to travel to our friend Tim's house. I know I could have fit more stuff in here, but the fact that I got 2 6 foot tables in a car that is only 5 feet wide is amazing. I had to take half the car apart to do it, but I made it work! Ethan put a bunch of boxes in his van, though I could have fit them (and kind of wanted to try)
     So today is about the tag sale and later we will have smoked brisket and we get to enjoy some really nice weather outside. Things are just getting started but we have another 8 hours to go. And then we'll have to pack it all up again. That is my least favorite part of tag sales. Maybe everything will sell so we don't have to pack things. 
    Tomorrow I will pack up some doll things and head down to New Jersey to visit Maire. So far the last several days I am still suffering a bit from Breyerfest FOMO, but I am finding things to do to occupy my time. Not a bad weekend so far. 

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