Monday, July 8, 2019

Kaladin Painting Party

     Since I decided to paint Kaladin I have wanted to keep painting. A lot. I started adding shading and trying to blend everything as nicely as I can. I am sure there is a better way to do it than how I do it, but it mostly works. So I guess I will stick to it. 
     I discovered that black points are really hard to do. Well, they are easy to put on, they are not easy to blend and make look good. So there was a lot of fiddling with the color and putting on more of the shading color to try to blend it out and soften the really harsh black lines. 

     Also, this horse has a lot of hair. Some of it is laying in odd ways which makes it trickier to paint him. But he's so cute!

     It's amazing to me that even in micro scale, where the surface area of any marking is going to likely be incredibly tiny, it still take a ton of layers of thinned white paint until you get enough coverage. At least the humidity was somewhat low today so the layers dried quickly. 

     Since Kaladin is not a big horse, and all I wanted to do the past few days was paint, he's all finished now. 
     I discovered a couple of weird things that needed fixing while I was out doing his photos, so I brought him in to fix them. Somehow he had rubs all along one side of his tail. I don't remember him falling over. Which doesn't mean it didn't happen. 
    He also has a tiny black spot on his butt, to the left of his tail. I must have gotten a little wild with my brush. So I brought him in and repainted the tail and got some of his bay color and covered the black spot. Then since he had already been matte sprayed previously, I put matte nail polish on his tail to protect the touched up parts. It's probably better than the spray on stuff honestly. 
     So Kaladin only took me 3 days to paint. He is my favorite shade of bay and while he is not perfect, he makes me happy and I love looking at him. I may show him eventually, and he most likely will not do too well. But I have horses that were done by really talented artists that don't necessarily show well. Not doing well in halter doesn't bother me. But if he does happen to do well I will be thrilled to pieces. Either way, he makes me happy and I am glad he finally has some paint on. 

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timaru star ii said...

Happiness-with is the most important aspect of one's model horses. Showing is secondary, I think.