Wednesday, July 3, 2019

So close...

     Yesterday I got a lot of things done. Even though I didn't get anything actually finished. I got up early again and got back to work on the pinnies for the cross country kits. 
     And this is as far as I made it. I did also cut out the med sheets but they need to be put in plastic and on a strap. And I have to make the watches. I am hoping I can manage to finish them all up today. That would be excellent. 
     Yesterday was laundry day so I was back to making chaps in the laundromat. I thought about reading a book or something, but really, every moment of every day is spent in work recently. Or at least just about every moment. Anyway, I got 3 more pairs of chaps cut out and assembled. Still need to add the front straps and buckles, hook up the back and put in the Velcro. But progress was made. 
    And I worked on dolls of course. I am so super close to done with a hunt seat doll, a side saddle doll and a cool driving doll. I am down to needing to paint a couple of pairs of brown gloves, putting black hands on the hunt seat doll, painting all the faces and putting helmets on the hunt seat and side saddle dolls. That's it. So I am also hopeful that I can get that finished up today.
     After I get the last few details done on those dolls I will have 32 completed dolls to send to Breyerfest. And I want to put them all in a big group photo. Those take awhile to set up and make them look nice, but I feel they are worth it. I haven't gotten a nice, big group photo since 2014 (I think). I don't often have a group of dolls this big to play with. So I am really looking forward to it. 

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