Thursday, July 4, 2019


     Yesterday ended up being another early start. I was awake at 5:30 so I said to myself that I might as well get up and paint some hands and doll faces. Because the sun was up...
     I got the painting things done and still had some time so I got the last few details done on the last hunt seat doll, the side saddle doll and the driving doll. And because I was done and didn't have to leave right away, I set up this fun photo. That one went up on Instagram before the weird issue where no photos were showing up on Facebook or Instagram. I got no notifications all day. It was really peaceful. 
     Here's another shot of the last 3 dolls in my Breyerfest doll making spree. I think they are fun. I wanted to get a group photo of ALL the dolls, but that didn't happen. Maybe later today. 
     I shared this magnet on FB (also before the weird no photo issue). My mom got it for me years ago. Hey, sometimes I am neat. But not always because cleaning is awful. But that is probably what I am going to do for a week after I ship all the dolls and things off to Jackie. I have done bits and pieces of cleaning, but it has been almost all dolls, all the time, for about 2 weeks. My house needs some extra attention. And Travis needs some extra attention. And I need to go through all my doll stuff and figure out what I am low on or out of. I did order a bunch more dolls yesterday. And paint and some brushes. I am pretty sure I need ultra suede and nailheads. So yeah, I need to organize and figure out what I need to restock.
     Yesterday I got a deep tissue massage. Some of it kind of hurt a lot. But I have some very abused and neglected muscles. Between carrying a backpack for an entire school year, all the running and the fact that I make dolls, I have done horrible things to basically my whole body. So I started to try to work on fixing that. Deep tissue massage is nothing like a relaxation massage, but I would rather hurt for a bit and feel better for awhile, than feel great for an hour and then go back to hurting. Right now my joints and my neck are all crunchy. I take that as a good sign.
    I finished up a bunch more chaps and have a few more in the works. But I think I will be all done and ready to ship on Friday. My plan was to work until basically the last second and ship on Saturday morning. Looks like I won't have to do that. And I will have a bit more than I was thinking I could manage. I am feeling pretty accomplished. Or maybe I will feel totally accomplished when I get the group photo of the dolls and get everything packed up and shipped. I wonder what I will do when I am not making dolls all day, every day. 


pawprint said...

Your dolls are awesome. It almost makes me wish I was a performance shower just so I had an excuse to buy one. Would love to see that new group shot!

Anne Field said...

The group shot is coming tomorrow! And why do you need to show performance to have dolls? Just make fun displays at home :)