Sunday, July 28, 2019

Breyerfest Swag

    Unless this is your first day here, you know that my Breyerfest FOMO was pretty bad this year. There was a bit of retail therapy before Breyerfest and a bit more at the Brimfield flea market. I've got a trade worked out with my friend Pat so I can get a Breyerfest SR (dammit Breyer, I am not an OF collector! Stop making me want things!) and the crystal horse to add to my collection. I did reasonably well not spending a whole bunch of money. Which I feel is at least a bit impressive since almost everything was posted on line and I had a lot of friends at Breyerfest, many of who I could probably have asked to pick things up for me. So good for me and not spending too much money! 
     So other than the whole experience of being in the same place as so many friends (many of them I have never actually met in the real world) I think the thing I most feel I missed out on was Breyerfest swag. There were SO many stickers available! I have a little kid love of stickers and have them decorating my doll order binder, my low carb recipe binder and if I ever run out of room on those I will start to decorate my school stuff as well. I really wanted to ask people to get me stickers. But I didn't want to ask more people to do more things for me. I need to just go to Breyerfest and get my own swag. Some day. I have a plan. Anyway, I got a super cool Mares in Black hat. Jackie told me Heather said I needed it. How did she know? I actually wore it on the way home from New Jersey. It was helping me keep my hair from flying into my eyes. Ponytails are not enough and Travis LOVES having all the car windows open. Plus it is a super cool hat and I adore it! I feel (and have felt for a bit) that I need a Mares in Black T-shirt. I was going to order one but saw the black ones were out of stock (when I went to order, I have no clue now). So it's on my must-have list. So many things. Plus it's a shirt I can wear to school, which is a bonus. 
     I also bought this Sprat from Jackie. While we were talking in circles about Breyerfest, hobby stuff, back to Breyerfest (seriously, if you have never had a conversation with me you have no idea how I talk in circles) and we ended up talking about the hobby monthly clubs. Like how Enterprise Props had the stablecrates for a bit (I won one once!) and I mentioned I did Maggie's Monthly Micros for a bit but decided I needed to stop spending money. Jackie mentioned how she loves the club (who doesn't, it's awesome and I consider rejoining all the time) but that she doesn't necessarily NEED every one of them. And I found out one she didn't need was Sprat. Sprat is one I have been casually searching for so I made a "Breyerfest impulse buy" and got myself a tiny mule. Which is good since apparently micro mini is the scale I can paint in. But yeah, one of the other things I said I missed about not being at Breyerfest was the availability of things that you just don't see anywhere else. Like a variety of sold out micros, props that you rarely or never see and so on and so on. I definitely need to go to Breyerfest for the experience, the selling opportunities and the shopping. It's just a good idea. 
     I dropped off my sewing machine for a tune-up and it only felt a little like dropping my kid off for the first day of kindergarten. I felt like the woman at the store was judging me, maybe on my appearance, maybe because I told her I have had the machine for probably 10 years and never had it serviced, hard to say. I didn't quite want to leave though. Plus it was a sewing store. But I don't need a new sewing machine, I need my old one to work better. Which hopefully in a week, two weeks tops (please don't keep my machine longer!) it will. For now I still have 3 outfits sewn and ready to put on dolls. I can also work on cutting out new outfits, hairing heads, painting faces and maybe working on a costume. I am sort of toying with the idea of doing a doll and costume. Maybe for me. Maybe for sale. But I happen to be in possession of doll scale chainmail (it's fabric. Totally looks like chainmail though) and I have ideas. Or I can do stuff with leather. Or I can sit around watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Hard to say what I might do. Definitely though I think I should plan some more road trips to visit people that are close enough to drive to. I don't have to go back to school for another month. I have time. 

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