Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Bits and Pieces

       Not every day is a super productive day. I do try to be as efficient as I can, but sometimes it doesn't work out. Or I am tired and just don't feel like it. But then there are days when I get a lot done and it makes me really happy. Sunday was one of those days. I had received my volunteer model for judging at Breyer Bootcamp and while I briefly considered horrifying people by making him a performance model, I know that Flash is not the greatest because his mane gets in the way of a lot of tack. Since I am not a halter shower I decided to sell him. Outdoor photos were out of the question because of the strong winds. But I got some nice indoor ones and got him listed for sale. I also took out all of the LuLaRoe clothing I have been trying to sell and just made one big lot of it and put it on eBay. People like bargains and I like space! So hopefully that sells. 
      I did a whole bunch of sewing of masks again. A friend of mine has a friend who wanted some of the shaped (not pleated) style of mask because she wears glasses and feels they would be more comfortable. I feel like there is no perfect style of mask that works with glasses but the shaped ones are not too bad. She had provided her own pre-washed fabric, so I said I would do it. At least the shaped masks sew up pretty quickly. I am actually very tired of sewing masks. But I get the desire to have comfortable ones. While I had the sewing machine out I decided to sew a couple of doll outfits. I try not to do doll work on the weekends, but since I didn't have a chance to work on them on Thursday or Friday, I decided it was OK. And it was not a lot. Now I have an outfit ready for another random doll for my live sale (March 27th at 2:30 ET) and for an order. Progress makes me happy. 
     The weekend is an absolutely wonderful time for guilt free personal projects. Not that I am not allowed to work on things that are for me during the week, I just always feel like that is not the best time for it. I have limited time after I get home and I have (self made) deadlines for dolls. The exception to the rule is reading. I can, and will, read any time I feel like it. Anyway, I wanted to get back to work on this guy's neck. Saturday I had gone out to do some more dremeling and now it was time for smoothing. I made sure to grab my gloves for sculpting. 
       People have mixed feelings on Apoxie Sculpt, and I usually buy Magic Sculpt but totally spaced on that when I ordered this, but I actually really like Apoxie Sculpt. It smooths out very easily with rubbing alcohol (maybe water as well, but I use alcohol) and is easy to use. 
      It is hard to tell because of the mix of epoxy and primer, but I THINK I got his neck rebuilt and smoothed nicely. I will have to hit him with some primer and check for sure. Then he will likely need at least a bit of sanding. After that I can give him a mane and forelock. Then on to real prepping, which I know I can do, and then paint! Pastels really, but whatever. I have good feelings about this custom. I think he is coming along well and I am fairly confident than I can do a good job finishing him up. Not bad for a horse that I almost gave up on shortly after I started!
     Tomorrow entries open for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show. I will have a blog post with all of the rules (again) and the class list. There will also be a link to the entry form. When you enter you will automatically get a receipt email which has the login info. Happy showing!


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