Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MMM, Coffee

     The other day Jennifer Buxton posted about ko-fi, with the title Please, buy me a coffee. She had some really good points in her post. Jennifer has LOTS of page views, and while she loves blogging, the way she does it it does not make her any money. I get that. I live that life. While more often than not it only takes me about 20 minutes to write a blog (or at least the one time I timed it) there are times when a lot of research and time goes into a post. As anyone that reads my blog often knows, time is something that I don't have a lot of. So I decided to look into ko-fi. And Jennifer asked me to do it, lol. 

      Jennifer got the idea from Cristine Sutcliffe of Last Alliance Studios. The post said that ko-fi allows people to donate small amounts of money (so as an example, the price of a coffee) to the creators. For anyone that doesn't know, Cristine does really amazing work on all sorts of miniatures. I only just recently found her blog and I am very glad that I did. 
      Anyway, I added the button, which is right in the sidebar on desktops and tablets. It doesn't show up on mobile, but apparently if you scroll to the bottom and switch over the web view you can then see the button. I thought about Patreon after that Mares in Black started there Patreon and encouraged other hobbyists to start their own. But I didn't feel I had much to offer to patrons. I don't want to have sales items that are just for patrons. I almost never do tutorials. I could do giveaways, but I don't really want to limit those in that way. So really, ko-fi is a nice choice. 
     So to wrap up I am going to borrow some of Jennifer's word. Blogging can be hard and consistently creating content takes a lot of work. I have heard from several people saying that they like to read my blog in the morning while they have their coffee. So maybe you might consider buying me a coffee once in a while. I would definitely appreciate it. 


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Braymere said...

I'm really glad you decided to give Ko-Fi a try. I think it's past time to normalize paying for services. I read your blog every morning. I look forward to it, appreciate it and plan to buy you at least one cup of coffee every month!