Monday, March 22, 2021

So Many Things

     My friend Corina asked me if I would make a fur coat for her doll, Grace. She had made one for her, but another friend loved it so she sent it to her. And then could not seem to get a coat to work again. I said of course I would do it, that will be easy. Lol, I forgot how horrible faux fur is to work with! it was everywhere! But I did manage to put another fur coat together. And Corina let me keep the rest of the fur so maybe my dolls need some fancy coats. You never can tell. But I do really like how this one came out. 
         I have been tired and burnt out recently and have had to struggle with myself to get some work done. But I did manage to finish a couple more dolls recently. The tall cowboy is also going to be part of my live sale, which is coming up on Saturday March 27th at 2:30pm EST. I may or may not be ready, we'll see. 
      In preparation for the sale I have also been working on finishing up a bunch of different smaller items. There was rumor that more than one person NEEDED the purple bareback pad and I try to be accommodating, so I made a second one.  I also made a couple from the super cute custom fabrics I got from Spoonflower. 
      And then I got into tiny pouch making. These are micro MHTUs (model horse transit units) and they will be available at my live sale. I am planning on making a bunch more of these as well. At this point I still have very little idea how many I will have, but I am hoping to do several in each print. 
       I also got a box of prize donations for the Field of Dolls Online show in from HandcraftedByKari (etsy). I have a ton of prizes for the show that I have ordered from her, since her work is amazing, and I am very pleased to add this bunch to the offerings. I am thinking that the saddle stand is bound to end up as part of the overall champion prize package. I am not even totally sure yet what exactly will be in the prize packages, so far I am just hoarding. 

     So as usual, I am busy. But I am getting things done and soon will get to a point where I can ease up a little bit, at least for a little while. The Field of Dolls Online show is open for entries and photo loading until April 10th. The Field of Dolls Studio live sale is on March 27th. And if anyone is interested, my birthday is on March 29th!


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