Saturday, March 20, 2021

I Ruined the Surprise

     My doll, Little Elecktra has been traveling and visiting people. She has visited Lynn Isenbarger in Indiana, gone to Colorado to see Jennifer Buxton, off to California to stay with Corina Roberts and then back to Indiana to see Allison Pareis (and Action Stan) for a while. After seeing several photos of her, with her sort of messy hair and not awesome glasses, I decided she needed to make a stop home for a bit of updating. 
     It was after Elecktra went out to hang out with Lynn that I figured out a way to do fully haired heads that is nicely in scale, not a super huge pain, and (hopefully) lasts. So I really want to get some new hair on her. And maybe actually repaint her face. And give her some new glasses. Handmade glasses are hard. And they don't hold up super well. 
      When Allison dropped Elecktra off at the post office she sent me a pic of the receipt so I could have the tracking number. I asked how she got so heavy. I know how much a doll weighs. Allison said there were some little gifts in there from everyone. But over a pound? What could be in that box?
      Well, there is a poncho from Corina, the flamingos have got to be from Lynn, though they could also be from Jennifer. The Starbucks could be from Corina or Allison (Grace and Elecktra got Starbucks right before she headed out) or even from Jennifer, and I think the rosette is from Jennifer, I have no idea for what. I know the Garfield book is from Action Stan. 
      It is signed after all. I still am not positive about all the gifts, but it was really nice of everyone to send things. But they still can't possibly weigh over a pound. 
     But this guy can. What a fun surprise! That I totally ruined! I just wanted to update Little Elecktra and I ruined the surprise of her gifts and her signature horse. I feel like a jerk. And I feel like my friends are amazing. Now I am working on fixing up Little Elecktra and she will head out on Monday. With her horse. And maybe her poncho. I don't know that I need to send all the things. But this is super cool. 
      I am glad Little Elecktra is home, but I know she wants to keep on visiting. And we need more letters and cool photos. So I will give her a quick makeover and she will continue her travels. I really do have the coolest friends!



Unknown said...

What a fun tour and way to commemorate such wonderful memories!

Braymere said...

So - this is funny - I completely forgot about the autograph horse. I won him at the Winter Fun Pony Bytes Show, and that seemed like the perfect fate for him.

Anne Field said...

Clearly when I send Little Elecktra out again she will have to bring autograph horse with her!

Lynn Isenbarger said...

Please send out the autograph horse with Elecktra! And I am writing a blog post as to how my name got onto it even though I didn't actually get to do it. (Thank you, Allison!)