Monday, March 8, 2021

That Took Forever

       It feels like I was working on this batch of dolls forever. But I did finally get them finished. The problem is, I don't care for several things about the doll with the green hair. For one thing, I don't like her green hair. I think maybe it is just too much. Or too "Joker" or something. I may have to change that. It also looks like her nose is crooked and that is bothering me. I may need to redo the head on that doll. But, I do now have another 5 casual dolls for my Birthday live sale. 4 of them are hoodie dolls, one in jeans and 3 in fun breeches. I am not sure yet. but I might make some more of these. But I think the next thing that I do will be some tall cowboys. And then maybe some Western Pleasure dolls after that. It all depends on how motivated I am, how much time I have and so many other unforeseen factors. But with these ladies done I think I have 9 casual dolls ready for my sale. Maybe that is enough for now. 

        I don't have a whole lot to talk about today I don't think. Since we have students back in the building now we have had some really excellent discussions in government. Even though we don't have a ton of kid in person, it seems we get more out of the in person kids, and some of the kids at home, all of a sudden. I have also had mostly positive experiences in all of my other classes, even the brand new ones. Which is nice.
     I decided I need to get back to really working on losing some weight. I have definitely gained since school started and we are now over halfway through the school year so I can't just say it is the beginning of the year stress causing the issues. Not that the entire year has not been stressful, it has. But yeah, I will not buy bigger pants again and my joints sometimes hurt. Enough is enough. My concentrated effort of the past week has been paying off little by little. I have also moved around during classes a lot more. I can be loud enough that the teacher's computer mic pics up what I am saying if I add something to a class, and most everyone is putting stuff on the overhead projector as well as the computer now, since we have kids in person as well as at home. So I log into the meets to check the chat, but move around a lot more. It has been wonderful for my mental health if nothing else. Sitting all day was making me crazy.

        So that's about it. Just a reminder, entries for the Field of Dolls Online show open on March 19th. I am going to be posting more information soon. My next live sale is going to be on March 27th at 2:30 ET. I am planning on publishing a catalog of the available items a day or two before the sale.

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timaru star ii said...

Yay for moving & motivation! I hate to admit 2020 caused me weight gain but it did, so I know where you're at.