Monday, March 29, 2021

Post Sale Wrap Up

      People have often expressed that they are amazed at how I can run the live sales by myself. Or even said it would overwhelm them. My response is usually that I am super organized and crazy. The crazy helps for sure. I just roll with whatever happens. But the super organized and efficient makes it so I don't end up even crazier than I start out. Sunday when I got ready to do my invoicing and packing I got everything set up in easy stations. I put my computer up on a box so I could stand and hopefully save my back, I had the postage scale ready, the bag of miniature things, and all the bubble mailers, boxes, tissue paper, stickers, business cards and of course, bags of claimed items. I was ready to go. 

     I was planning on listening to the the Mares in Black while I worked but it turns out I can't invoice if I have to concentrate at all on what I am listening to. So I put YouTube on TV, and the Halestorm channel, and had a great time listening to my favorite band and invoicing. 
     As I did the invoicing for each batch of items I also packed and weighed them. I then put the person's name on the package, and the weight of the package. This will make doing the shipping labels so much faster than it could be!

     Next I put everything back in alphabetical order, which will also make things go more quickly when it comes to printing out and applying the shipping labels. Whatever I can do to make things more efficient. 
     On that note, I was thinking about the new way I want to try to do the live sales and trying to think of ways to make the invoicing more efficient. I was thinking that maybe preregistering could be helpful. All I actually want from people at the end of the sale is their email address (so I know where to send the invoice), the country they live in (for the shipping rate) and if their name is different on their paypal so I don't have to figure out where the money came from. Most people do a really great job at this and give me exactly what I ask for. Some people do not and what was meant to make things a bit easier for me actually makes it a bit harder. People who were not preregistered would still be able to purchase, but having most people's info could be helpful. But I don't know if it's going to be a thing. I'll have to think about it. 
     In news unrelated to my live sale, I already got some progress photos of my new arena! It was not even supposed to be started until the middle of April so this is definitely exciting for me. I know that even if it is finished fairly soon it will likely be a long time before I see it. But I am prepared for that.
     So another live sale if finished and I am going to start working on shipping today. I am also, as usual, thinking of ways to make the sales run more efficiently. We will see how it goes. Now I can shift my focus to the Field of Dolls Online show. Entries and uploading are open until April 10th. There are tons of prizes! More prizes are always welcome!

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