Thursday, March 25, 2021

Live Sale Preview

Ready, set, go! Here is my Field of Dolls Live Sale preview catalog. Most of these photos were quick ones I took previously and just compiled to give an idea of what I have available. 
micro MHTUs (Model Horse Transit Units) $5 each

removable helmets $15 each

Saddlebags are $40 each

I do actually have 2 purple sets, though not 3 like these photos would suggest.

saddlebag stuff is $15 a set

Miniature backpacks $25 each. LOTS of designs!

Cross country kits. Come with medband and watch. $35 each I also have magenta, yellow, burgundy and a second pale pink. 

saddle pads $15 each

Bareback pads $40 each (they do all come with girths)

Dog sets, $35 each

Judges kits $5 each, show numbers $1 set of 4

Mens and ladies cutting chaps $30 each. Splint and skid boots $15 a pair

Casual western and English dolls. $200 each

Western pleasure dolls $220 each

Casual dolls $200 each

Tall cowboys with removable cutting chaps, $250 each

Mystery Hunt seat dolls (navy coats, white shirts, beige breeches, bendy necks) Not finished in time to get a photo for the post! $220 each. 

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