Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Letters Home- Muncie, Indiana

     I have been a super slacker when it comes to getting the Letters home posts done. I received this batch of pictures a while ago from Allison Pareis. I claim severe burnout and time constraints as to why it has taken me so long to do this post. All of the photos are by Allison. 

     Hi Mom!
        It has been so great to visit with Allison and Action Stan! Outside of our house there are far fewer people my size and it makes a lot of typical past-times trickier. When Action Stan suggested we toss around the football I was definitely excited to try it!
      Football was a lot of fun though people kept giving Allison weird looks while she was taking our pic. So strange! After we tossed around the ball for a while we took Mini Truman for a walk. Dogs really are the best, no matter what size they are!
     All of a sudden this lazy cat wandered into our path and started stretching. Things got a little tense for a minute and Action Stan was ready to jump in and help if I needed it. Even though I am used to how Abby always pulled I was glad he was there, just in case. 

             Action Stan also gave me some lessons on recording and editing the new for NPR. How cool is that?
       Studio microphones are super cool. If I had any use for one I would get one. But maybe I will see if I can get one my size. 
      I had such a fun time visiting with Action Stan and Allison! They were amazing hosts and included me in the coolest things! I'm going to pop home to see you before I head back out on my adventures. I miss you so much! See you soon!


     Little Elecktra


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