Sunday, March 7, 2021


        I currently have a lot of projects happening, on top of all of my actual work, and it is stressing me out a bit. I have a deadline for my Breyerfest video, and while I still have several weeks, I am not a last minute kind of person, so I want to get it done and in asap. But all of the video editing is new to me and I have tried things that have turned out to be time wasters and somewhat unnecessary. I have also learned that while time consuming, video editing is a lot of fun!
       I also really want to keep on working on this poor Quarter Horse. I lowered his neck and shortened it so it is a much better length, I got his head back on and I started rebuilding the rest of his neck. The super glue and baking soda trick is amazing, but it does lead to making more work in places. I need some pretty small dremel attachments to get rid of the lumpy bits around the throat. There is no way I am doing all that work by hand! But progress is being made on this guy, and he doesn't need to be finished NOW, I just want him to get to the point where I am done with the part I don't really know how to do (the customizing). I already know I can prep and I can do finish work that I don't completely hate. 
     The Field of Dolls Online Spring show is also coming up fairly soon. I had to work on getting the galleries ready on SmugMug, and I of course forgot my password (my computer remembers them for me, lol!). This isn't a huge project, but it does take some time. Last time I held my online show I had the login information posted in a couple of places. This time I have it in the Google Form, which is the entry form. This has a couple of purposes. One, only people who enter the show will have the info. Two, since you will automatically get a receipt when you enter the show I won't have people wondering if I got their entry (or have to let everyone know individually). Hopefully this makes things a bit easier for everyone. 

      My live sale is also coming up on March 27 (2:30 pm ET) and will be held on Facebook. Again, I know that this does not work for everyone but I have no other easy to use format for holding a live sale that potentially everyone has access to. I KNOW how to do a Facebook live. With only 3 weeks left it's pretty much crunch time. So currently I am super busy. 
     Entry for the show opens on March 19th and I will have many posts about how to enter the show and likely also on how to upload your photos. Most likely I will also publish the official show packet before entries open, though I have already posted the class list a couple of times. Progress is being made and fairly soon I should wrap up some of the extra projects and have a bit more time to breathe. 


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