Saturday, March 13, 2021

Prize Sorting

     The end of last week I had some plans to work on some more dolls. One I wanted for my live sale stash and the other for an order. But instead I decided that with the amazingly nice weather (it was 70 degrees) that I needed to sort through all of the random things that have been collecting in the back of my car. Show prizes, things I bought for performance showing (or playing with dolls) and so on. So I went out and started organizing. I found that I currently have a vast collection of blind bag unicorns. I think when I counted I found that I have 28 of them. These are just the open ones (I was hunting for chase pieces). These will be prizes for trivia or for the Field of Dolls Online show. Likely both. I also still have a good collection of the 70th anniversary Stablemates. I might keep a few for painting, but I think I will just offer those for sale during my next live sale (March 27th).
      I also decided that I needed to prep the props that Carra McClelland sent me for show prizes. Crystal texted me and I asked if she had time for a short video chat. I think we talked for about 3 hours, lol! But I got the props prepped (mostly), unicorns sorted, and I worked on class prizes. 
       I had to get all of the miniatures bagged for the class prizes and I needed to add the color coded stickers so people know what placing it is. I know this is not an amazing photo so I will tell you what is in it. First place is a fancy drink that may be a fancy pink lemonade with a pink lemon on the glass. Second place is a fancy milkshake type drink with colored bubbles. Third place is a pair of tiny dice, 4th is cake (different colors), 5th is a miniature succulent of some kind and 6th is a miniature book.  

      I also cut apart all of the stickers I have been buying with my Breyer orders. I really do love stickers and I think they make excellent prizes!
     The Field of Dolls Online Spring show opens for entries this Friday, March 19th. Entry and loading goes until April 10th, with judging beginning April 11th. Partial live results will be Saturday April 24th. We are getting closer! Any and all prize donations are welcome!

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