Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Gold Horses

       I have wanted to try Pan Pastels for a long time. When I used them during NaMoPaiMo this year I totally fell in love. I also realized I had not bought any black, which is just silly in my opinion. So I went back to the Blick website and put some black in my cart and searched for several other colors I thought might round out my collection. I am all in with Pan Pastels too I guess, lol. I really do love them. The remind me of high quality eyeshadow, which I do love playing with. I also ordered several metallic colors this time around. I was assured I would love the metallics. Well, so far I do. I need to get a coat of sealer on these so I can keep building up that nice gold, but they are coming along well. And I am working on more horses, so go me!

       I also managed to find time to get a quick coat of primer on my project horse. I wanted to see how well I did with the neck and how much sanding I would need to do. The right side of the neck needs some more building up, which was not surprising at all. I knew this before I primed. 
     The left side made me quite happy. The join was fairly smooth. And while that side is not perfect and definitely needs some sanding, it is not too bad. My plan is to really grind down the jawline where I attached the head with soda/glue and then sculpt over that area and all the way down the neck again. I figure if I go slowly and carefully enough I won't make a huge mess of it. So far, not too bad I would say. 
      While I am still super busy I am at least managing to find some time to do fun things for myself every now and then. Maybe this weekend I can get a bunch more progress on these projects. That is something to look forward to. 

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