Tuesday, March 23, 2021


       Working has definitely been hard lately. The weather is flip floppy and the seasons are changing and I don't want to do anything. Well, that is not true. I want to read a book. Or take a nap. And that is about all I want to do at the moment. But I struggle and fight with myself and I do manage to get things done once in a while. Or at least worked on. My live sale is coming up quickly so I am trying to get as much finished for it as I can. I have several dolls in the works but made some pretty good progress on a couple of western pleasure dolls recently. They both need boots and heads, and the one on the right need her cuffs and collar and for me to decide if either or both need some bling, but they are coming along. I also have a couple of hunt seat dolls in the works. I have no idea if I will have time or motivation to finish these. 

      So while I have been fighting with myself to get stuff done I have also, several times, let myself off the hook for not getting a lot done. Maybe I was delayed getting started on dolls after school. Maybe I just wanted to read a little bit. I like reading. I don't get to do it as much as I would like to. Sometimes I am just wrong about how much work I can fit into a day and I have to let the project go at a different stopping point than I meant to. But I am working on being OK with that. It is good to work less. I have a nice variety of smaller items for my sale, and at this point I have a bunch of different types of casual dolls, cowboys and hopefully soon at least a couple of western pleasure and hunt seat dolls. I did manage to make some saddlebags but have not managed to make any sets of saddlebag stuff. I may be able to talk myself into that. I may not. 

     Anyway, soon live sale day will be here and then I am sure the next day I will work on doing the invoicing. Then I will do the shipping as people pay the invoices. And soon enough, the live sale stuff will be all finished. And it will be time to focus again on the Online show. Maybe I can take a beak in May...

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