Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Repairs and Prep

       Dogs really like to chew up dolls. I am not sure why really. Saddles make sense, they are made of leather and leather has an attractive smell to dogs (actually, I also like the smell of leather, not that I ever want to chew on it). Over the years I have seen a lot of dolls that have gone a round with a dog. Most don't survive too well. 

       Recently I had a doll come back to me with some damage, but it was not so bad that she was not fixable. I had to remake everything from the waist down (but not the body, she only had a few small teeth marks, which the clothing covers) so I removed the damaged parts, fixed a few things on her upper half and got to work on fixing her. I am glad I got that taken care of. One more doll that can go back out to play!

      I also started working on some tall cowboys. I don't actually have any patterns to fit them, I should just make some to make my life easier. What I do is I take my regular man clothes patterns and just make everything a bit wider and longer. And then I get a doll out while I sew and I check the fit of everything. Over and over and over again. But I did manage to get a couple of outfits done and ready. Which is pretty exciting. 
      Entries for the Field of Dolls Online show open on March 19th. I need to hurry up and get some tiny rosettes ordered. I know I have plenty of time for them to come in, the awards are not until the middle of April, but I don't want to wait until the last minute. I should get on that. 

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