Wednesday, March 3, 2021


       I got an order for a youth gaming doll and a cool reference photo. The request was for the doll to be dressed like the girl in the photo with a messy blond bun. Can do! I could not copy her baseball shirt exactly (I still can't figure out how to seamlessly get two pieces of fabric to be one piece of fabric) but I could make her a white shirt with pink sleeves and a pink collar. Which was close. 
       And the messy bun worked out so much better than I pictured it! I actually started this like I would do a ponytail and then flipped the hair up (like I was going to pull it through a hair tie again) and tied that down. I do ponytails with knotted thread, if what I just said didn't make any sense. Anyway, I did a few flips and knots until I had this messy bun. I wish my hair would stay that nicely. 
      Since it was a youth doll, and for games, I of course rebuilt her and made her super bendy. And once you make a super bendy doll it's pretty much in the rules of doll photography that you have to take a photo in some sort of extreme bent pose. 
      This is the second youth doll I have done recently and I think I need a break now. They behave so much better when they are rebuilt but I am so spoiled by the realism of Yvonne-type dolls that all youth dolls seem a little bit clunky to me. But there is no denying that super bendy dolls do have their appeal. 


timaru star ii said...

I love that "pretty much in the rules of doll photography!" You make me laugh -- in a good way.

Arnold said...

Great blog post.