Friday, March 26, 2021

Miniature add-on items

     For a while now, at least since my miniatures sale last August, I have offered a variety of miniatures either during live sales or just whenever people have wanted them. I will not be showing any of these items during the sale, but they can be added on to any order, or even ordered without buying anything during the sale. I have multiples of everything.

vodka $5, whiskey $5, energy drink $3

cell phone $5, flamingo pair $5, rubber chicken $2

mug coffee $3 each 

Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Classic Coke $3 each

Hot coffee $3 each (no white)

bubble tea $3 each

iced coffee $3 each

water $3 each

folding chair $5 each

hot latte $3 each

pink laptop $5 each

Starbucks drink $3 each

lemon water set $10

pastry $2

lemon iced tea $4
carrot $2

pizza $2

handcuffs $5 

For anyone curious, as of yesterday I have finished 1498 dolls.

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