Monday, March 15, 2021

Prizes and Donations

     Jennifer Buxton sent some pretty awesome prizes for the Field of Dolls Online show. As I mentioned yesterday, she sent a couple of things for me (yay! I love prizes!) and some great things for the show. I have this cute art journal and tiny to-do lists.
A whole bunch of miniature shovels. Potentially enough for everyone!
      This super realistic cat and miniature medallions. 
     And re-ment stuff! I didn't want to take it out of the packaging so the photo is not the best. But there is a blender, and cool stuff to go with it, and some bottles and cans. All nicely in scale for model horses. I am excited!

        I think that the miniatures are especially good prizes. These days people are having a lot of fun making "barn apartments" and just doing fun scenes with their dolls. Having plenty of little in scale accessories of all kinds is awesome. I am thinking I may need to try to get some more things like this. But I am trying very hard not to spend any more on the show right now. I am still in the dolls or no dolls for a donation debate. Likely I will just donate the dolls and lose money again, lol! I am so bad at this!

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timaru star ii said...

Artists are always lousy managers -- it goes with the breed. You're better than most.

I always wondered when the dollhouse miniatures field would hybridize with model horses in this country (in Europe I observed it's long been the case). I think I'm starting to see it.