Sunday, September 5, 2021

1:24 Scale Poseable Doll

 I have been inviting people to write guest posts for the blog and Emily H. has taken me up on my offer! Today she is going to be talking about making a poseable 1:24 scale rider doll for her Schleich rider dolls. Thank you for writing this post Emily!

As a performance shower I have wanted to have a poseable rider doll for my schleich customs for a long time now. I have searched high and low for something in the right size, or that I could customize to the right size. A few days ago I thought, “Screw this, I'm just going to make one. How hard can it be?”

File that down under famous last words. 

This is my first try she’s not amazing but she could be a lot worse. 


One leg is slightly longer than the other (oops) and her face is slightly creepy (looks like sculpting people is not my strong suite.) Her hands are pretty basic, I made them black to look like gloves as I didn’t have any flesh coloured clay and didn’t think paint would be durable enough so gloves it is. Her feet and boots are pretty chunky but they also could be worse. 

I decided she would be better with new head, so I gave sculpting another go and asked my sister if she would paint it for me. For some reason this one wanted coloured hair, why not?

Tin woman stage.

She made from tin foil on a wire armature. At first I was worried she was going to be super floppy but tight clothes have helped that a lot and she can hold positions well now. 

On a horse. (old head then new head, they look like very different people.)

Two point.

“Who's that new girl and how did she get so flexible?

I have a (really) long way to go to get them to the point I want to but it’s a start and the move a darn lot more than the schleich riders do. She might not be a touch on what some people do but one day I might be able to make a photo showable doll.


Thank you so much Emily for sharing your doll! I think this is an amazing start to an extremely challenging scale to work in. I hope we get to see more from you in the future!


Emily said...

Thank you for posting my work, it is honestly something I never thought would happen.

Anne Field said...

Emily, thank you for sharing! I would be happy to post more if you want to contribute again.