Friday, September 24, 2021

The Lies I Tell Myself

     Since Breyerfest I have been hunting for a few Django models. I needed 3 of them to finish my Django conga. Back in July (maybe August?) I found 2 of the ones I was looking for. The original Django was still elusive. I found one available (actually, I think Lynn Isenbarger found it and told me about it), I made an offer, the offer was accepted, and I was asked for my zip code for a shipping quote, which I immediately gave. And then... crickets. I heard nothing back from the seller for a couple of days. So I emailed again, to see if maybe my email had gone astray. Still nothing. So I went back on the hunt. I bid on one on eBay, it went out of the price range I was comfortable paying for it. Then I got a message on my ISO ad, the seller and I started messaging and then, finally, I bought a Django. And now he is here. Which brings me to the lies I tell myself. 
     I am not an OF collector. I have said that often enough. I even sometimes believe it. I don't get super excited about most OF models. I much prefer artist resins and nice custom models. I can't personally see the joy in having thousands of models (or even hundreds), because I wonder how I would enjoy them. I have 10 resins and customs on a shelf in my living room (which was recently switched up slightly for an experiment on long term packing of resins) and I feel I can't even properly enjoy those 10 models. The majority of OF collectors I know have a very large number of models. Other than lack of space I just don't understand it. And congas... collecting every single color of a mold you like, just for the sake of having a complete set... yeah, I did that. Because I lie to myself. 
      The entire point of finding those last 3 Djangos was having a complete conga. I don't even really like the gold filigree or the appaloosa one. That is really outside of what I collect for. I only collect things I love. But it was actually really fun seeing if I could get a complete set. Kind of like when I go unicorn hunting (buying the blind bag unicorns to try to find the chase pieces). I don't even really like the unicorns for the most part, and I have not kept any of them. Or the chase pieces. I just want to FIND them. It's fun. And completing this conga was fun. But I won't make myself crazy over it. I will keep it up just as long as the rest of the pieces are easily obtainable. Just as soon as they are not I will start selling off every single one that I don't love. 
      So yeah, this not-an-OF collector has a complete conga, belongs to the premier club and the stablemate club, and is eagerly awaiting the next offerings from both of them. But yeah, I am not an OF collector. 


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Jackie Stover said...

Better than us lying "I don't have a problem" lol