Saturday, September 4, 2021

So Much Fun

     At my last live sale I had a bunch of dog sets for sale. I have made dog sets before. Several people asked for cat sets. They said that not everyone is a dog person (but I am...) and I should make cat sets too. Which I am willing to do, I just hadn't done it. So we did some brainstorming while the live portion was happening and figured out some cool things that could go into cat sets. I have not gotten started on any of them yet. I am waiting to hear back from one of my favorite 3D printed item makers to see if I can get a couple of specific things. But in preparation for making cat sets I bought... a cat! This is a 1:9 scale 3D printed cat. She's lovely and I should get her painted so she is ready. I have no idea what color to make her. But she has toe beans, which is the detail that matters! She is also laying on the washing instructions for my new HALO masks. Which may very well be the most comfortable masks I have worn. And I have worn a lot of masks. 
     I have also been enjoying an ocassional refreshing summer beverage (vodka tonic with lime) in my Breyerfest wine glass. I have not once had wine in it. Yet. But that is coming. I prefer red wine and it makes me too warm for it to be reasonable to drink in the summer. But the weather has turned quite Fall-like lately. 
     I decided I really needed to clean out the back of my car. I have all the photo show prizes stored in there, the LuLaRoe clothing I have up for sale, a big box of books we were trying to sell at tag sales, my arena, and a few other things. But it had turned into a jumbled mess. While I was cleaning I found this little beach jar that one of my students made me as a gift years ago. It was her gift to me when she was graduating. She said she made it with her love. Sadly, the very next year they took my desk away (not a mean thing, just a thing) and I ended up with my backpack. The beach doesn't work in there, so it has been wrapped up in the back of my car. But Angelique is amazing and has made her classroom my classroom as well. So I brought the beach in for both of us to enjoy. 

     I also had a pretty spectacular mail day recently. I knew that my August micro was coming from Maggie but I didn't remember that it was my month for the subscriber exclusives! So I got 3 micros instead of 1 and I am really pleased. I like Psykhlone much more in person than in the photos and the jumpers are super cool in photos and in person. So it was definitely a nice mail day. 

     I still have a variety of things I am trying to sell. Several Breyers from this year, a good variety of micros, I need to get things photographed and listed. Or just listed in the case of some of the things. I am also sort of weirdly in a phase where I am again thinking of selling some of my horses. Like some of my resins and customs. I am not sure what to do. 


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Sarah Warren said...

That cat is adorable and I can wait for the opportunity to acquire several!