Monday, September 13, 2021

Fancy Hats

     I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love making fancy hats. That is, in general, why I enjoy making driving dolls. There are, technically, a wide variety of ways to make driving dolls but my basic driving doll has a long dress, a short jacket and some sort of fancy hat. I’ve made a good amount of driving dolls at this point, but every single hat is unique.
     I really love how this particular hat came out. It was not overly complex to make but it looks really fancy. First I painted a basic straw hat black, then I wrapped it with narrow silver ribbon, and to complete it I tucked the top of a very fluffy feather into the ribbon and wrapped it around the hat. 
      Yesterday was an interesting day at school. I have 2 new classes and get to work with a friend of mine (for both classes) who I have never worked with before. She is an excellent teacher. She is very inclusive, introduced me to everyone, had no issues with me jumping right in to help (weirdly, some teachers do) and the classes were small group and fairly laid back. It was nice. I ended up covering an art class 6th period, which gave me some time to read. It was definitely not a terrible Monday. And the new schedule, while lacking in lifeskills classes, is not bad. I only have one inclusion class, my biggest, and there are only 15 kids in it. I think the next largest class is 13. But Ludlow usually doesn't have super big classes. Anyway, I knew all but one of the kids in the 1st and 5th period classes, which makes jumping into the deep end less scary. It is easier to work with people if I know their names. Tonight is Open House and paras are allowed to go, but not required. I am pretty sure I am staying home. The "classes" are roughly 9 minutes, which means I would spend the entire time just running around the school. So sort of like my work day, just in a shorter time frame!


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timaru star ii said...

Awesome hat. The latest issue of Driving Digest has a picture of our own Kate Cabot, with a broad-brim, dark, feather-ornamented hat, driving Ditto. Yes, I love driving hats too!