Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tiny Toys

     Next up on my project list is feather toys for cats. As I have mentioned, I have never had a cat. But I do have the internet. So I looked up feather cat toys. There are a ton of different types of feather toys. I grabbed a design that was fairly easy to replicate in miniature and I made a bunch. Every one of them is different, though they are all similar. I am one step closer to having the cat sets finished. The dishes and litter boxes should be on the way soon. I ordered “litter” and “cat food”. Hopefully those arrive quickly. But progress is being made and I am happy about it.
    In other news that makes me happy, I have gotten to teach a bit the last couple of days. One of my co-teachers is out and I have covered some of the classes. I really love teaching. Though I have discovered I don’t love every level class. It turns out the classes I like best are with the kids that need the most help. I have done plenty of teaching in science classes, a bit in a couple of different types of math, but now I got to do some teaching in an English class. I love that too! Reading is one of my favorite things and being able to help kids with their reading and writing makes me especially happy. 
     So school is going along well. It’s still really early in the year, but it also seems to be going by quickly. As frustrating as things are at times this year it is so much better than last year! I definitely did not like hybrid. Remote was hard because everyone started at you silently. Hybrid was harder because it was way too easy to semi-neglect the kids at home. Things are still weird but I am glad we are in person.
      I still have lots of things I need to make before my next live sale, but I am making decent progress. I am still really tired, but today is the first day of Fall. Which I know seems like those 2 thoughts don’t really go together, but I struggle when the seasons change. I get tired and unmotivated for about 2 weeks every time we move into a new season. I have been forcing motivation so I think that is leaving me extra tired. Hopefully I can be more alert soon.


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