Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It’s A Go!

     The other day I went into Travis's room to gather up his laundry and I walked right into a bear! He was just standing in the middle of the floor. So I asked Travis if the bear was safe or unsafe. He called out, unsafe! I asked him if the bear would leave me alone, and he said no (he was not in his room by the way). So then I asked him if I could get past the bear and he again told me unsafe. So I risked my life to gather up the laundry. And the unsafe bear left me alone. And the whole thing made me laugh because it was a very silly interaction. In case anyone is interested to know, I think that bear is about 6 inches long.
     Other than narrowly escaping tiny bear attacks I also picked up a bunch of supplies at Joann's. Cat sets are a go! I heard back on the 3D printed items I want to get, and while they are not ready yet I have already seen prototypes (amazing!) so I need to get to work on the other items. As I am going to sleep each night I have been working on designs for the cat beds. I want to make them differently than the dog beds after all. I also think I want to make my dog beds a bit thinner. I like the big pillow style, but I think maybe thinner would be good. 
      Design work while I am going to sleep is something I have done for years. I think I have a good plan down for how to do the cat beds, I gathered materials, and now I just need to have time to sit down and try things out. Making a prototype is not usually a simple task. But I need to get into it. I have cat items to design and then I have another miniature I want to make. But more on that soon. 


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