Monday, September 20, 2021

Miniature Food

     Something that can be fun to make, but is definitely really fun to have, is miniature food. I have a few different projects going on at the moment that require miniature food. I have cat sets in the works, dog sets will be coming soon, and I needed to get the bags put together for those. Soon they will also have food in them. I love the realism and I love to see the sets come together. Hopefully I can update you all with finished photos very soon!
      Next it was time to make tiny lunches. I need to feed the dolls and I have half a dozen empty lunch bags just waiting. My plan was to make sandwiches and cookies so the first step was to make a light dough colored clay. 
     There are variety of other steps to make tiny cookies and sandwiches, but one of them is adding shading with pastels. This adds so much realism. I have been making things out of clay since I was about 8. Back then I used Play Doh, which I made a huge variety of things out of, including food. Polymer clay makes a finished product that is a lot less delicate and has the potential to be incredibly realistic. This is my extra long loaf of bread waiting to be cut. 
      And here is my batch of finished cookies and sandwiches. I made a couple of extra cookies, in case I am inspired to make a couple more lunch bags. I also made a whole bunch more sandwiches than I needed to make. Making the peanut butter took an incredibly long time. So much mixing! Since it took so long I really didn't want to waste it so I just kept on making slices of bread and making more sandwiches. My dolls might end up with a couple of these. I also might just save some for the next batch of lunch bags. We'll see. 
     I still have more miniature food I need to make, but I got a good start on it. I think my next steps are going to be digging out some other things to go with the lunches, making the feather toys to go with the cat sets and then... not sure. But sooner or later I need to make all the different pieces. Must. Keep. Going. 


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