Sunday, September 19, 2021

Letters Home- Canada

     Continuing my series of my doll, Little Elecktra, and her traveling to visit friends around the world she has now made her way to Canada to stay with Terri Wright. When Elecktra arrived I got a quick message "from her" saying she had wicked jetlag and was going to bed. The photos and some of the letter are by Terri (with some adjustments and additions from me. Enjoy!

     Hi Mom!
          After a good rest, I spent my first day with Emmie, Yonne, and the girls, relaxing and settling in. It's Fall here in Canada, just like back home, and everyone is starting to get the harvest in before the snow flies. I am staying in Edmonton, which is pretty far north, and the Fall weather is great. I am sure your weather is flop-flopping back and forth between Fall and Summer (it is) but it's wonderful here. We went out and bought tea and coffee from the famous coffee chain Tim Hortons, which is like our Dunkin. It was fantastic! Remember when I was young how much I hated coffee and tea? Boy have times changed!
     I'm still settling in and adjusting to the time change, but Emmie says she has a ton of stuff planned. I can't wait! I will write more soon. 


              Little Elecktra

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