Thursday, September 2, 2021

Extreme Dolls

     Casual dolls are very popular right now. Hoodie dolls especially. But sometimes people are still looking for show dolls. And once in a while someone is looking for a somewhat extreme doll. This side saddle doll is not the most unusual or most extreme doll I have ever done, but she is pretty cool. And she is definitely not your typical side saddle doll. 
    This lady is ready for jumping! I don't actually have a side saddle at the moment so I just messed with her legs a lot, did a bit of redesign, and figured out how to get her so her legs could bend up further than normal, as well as out to the sides, without popping off. I did manage to accomplish it. She is likely a little bit more delicate than a factory doll (all rebuilt dolls are) but she is pretty tough. I almost forgot her bendy neck but then added that in when she was already partially dressed!
     So this side saddle lady can lean over for gates or games, she can tuck herself up to jump fences, and is basically just more movable than the average side saddle doll. And I really love how she came out. 
     Today is the last day of my first week back to school. I have had one schedule change, but I now get to go into lifeskills for one class of the day. Which is awesome! And now I can say that I am a lifeskills/sip/focus/inclusion para. Because I literally am doing all of those things now. Oh! No, I am a lifeskills/sip/focus/LLD/inclusion para. I missed one. It's going to be a wild year. 

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