Sunday, September 12, 2021

Tack Room Details

       I love miniatures and miniature details. They makes me really happy. Saturday I decided I needed to clean my tack room, again, and decided it was time to hang up my mini rosettes. I love mini rosettes. I love shows that offer them and think they are a really excellent prize. One of the ways I have previously displayed my full sized rosettes was hanging fishing line across the room. I decided to do the same thing, in miniature, for my tiny rosettes. To make things easier I used my cross tie rings that I got from Enterprise Props. I don't have a barn so they have just been hanging out on the floor of my tack room. I stuck them to the wall with glue dots. 
     I think I currently have one more tiny rosette that is coming at some point, and the other ones I have are neck sashes that the horses that won them wear. I really love the detail of the rosettes hanging in the tack room. 
    I actually started adding little details to my tiny tack room years ago. I added the little clock before I hung up the saddle racks. I am glad I still had room to hang them. I have a lot of tack (not nearly as much as some people) and going up was the only way I could make things fit. 
     I have this cool horse painting on the wall, which I really love. I sometimes want to look for more horse art to put on the walls, not that I have much space for it, but it would be nice. 
     And to wrap up the tour here is a view of the entire tack room. I swear, I cleaned it. I really need to put some of these things in another place. Or make a larger tack room. Not that I have space for that. I do want to point out that I have an empty saddle rack. Which obviously means I need another saddle. 


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timaru star ii said...

Obviously. :) Great idea with the rosettes! I do that for my (full scale) tack and pony room. The ribbons, from 1978 to about 2018, go around the room, out the hall and into the basement.