Wednesday, September 29, 2021

All About Cats

     At long last, I give you... cat sets! I have been working on these, either in design or creation, since we had a big discussion about them during my last live sale. I got in the items I ordered from Kari at HandcraftedbyKari on etsy, and she included a surprise. When I asked her to make me litter boxes I didn't ask for scoops. But she made them, and included them as a gift. Kari is awesome!
They look fantastic in the litter boxes. Each set will come with a bit of "kitty litter".
      The sets will also include a cozy cuddle bed. My Breyer cat thinks it's a nice bed. I have a good variety of colors and patterns. 
    Since kitties love feather toys, the sets will also include one of those. You have to keep those kitties active and happy!
      Another new item I asked Kari to make were the small double food bowls. I love them! They will come with a bag partially filled with "cat food"
       All of the sets also come with a cute little catnip mouse/rat. Clearly, these make kitties very happy. 
    Here is the complete cat set all together. I have a rainbow of colors and I will post all of the sets soon. 
     I hope these sets are what people were hoping for. Thinking of things to put in them, that don't make them overly complex (which leads to needing to price them very high or loses me money from the amount of time they take) is a delicate balance. I think these came out well. My kitties seem to like them. I hope you all will too.


Hannah Clark said...

These are amazing! Really hope I can get a set at your next sale

Braymere said...

I love them!

timaru star ii said...

Such a truly thoughtful gift: Litter scoops! I'm not a cat person but these make my heart glow.

Heather said...

These are 💕 lovely! Can’t wait for the sale!