Thursday, September 30, 2021


    Before I get into backpacks, I want to post some reminders about the Field of Dolls Online Fall show. Entries and uploads end at midnight on Saturday, October 2nd. This is actual midnight (not when I get up Sunday morning) because it is programmed on OMHPS. You still have time to get your entries in! 
     On that note, this may be the last show I hold. Interest seems to be down. I added halter classes but have far fewer showers than the last show. Maybe it's the time of year? Maybe people are tired of interpretive class lists? Maybe people don't really like OMHPS? Maybe people are focusing on live shows? I am not sure what is going on, but I either need to cut everything way back or just stop. I welcome any feedback on this. 
     OK, backpacks! I started out the other day making 4 backpacks. I thought that was all the buckles I had at the moment. So I ordered a whole bunch more, but they can take a very long time to arrive. I thought that I might then make some backpacks that just needed buckles added when they arrived, but I decided it was enough for now. 
    Miraculously I found another small bag of buckles on my doll box tray! So I made four more little backpacks. I am moving on to making some other types of the smaller items, but I may go back and make some more backpacks later on. 
 I have a lot of projects that I wrapped up recently, and finally got a bunch of finished items cataloged. As a reminder, my next live sale will be held on Black Friday, which is November 26th, and will be semi-live like the last one. 

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