Thursday, September 23, 2021

Moving On

     I am still working away on different bits and pieces of a couple of different projects. The cat sets are still in the works, the lunch bag sets, and so on. The other day I got some more work done on the lunch sets. I got the sandwiches wrapped. I made little parchment paper envelopes for the cookies, because even though the cookies are not real, I would not have a real cookie just loose in a lunch bag, so I made a wrapping for it. I also made some little snack chips. At this point I think I need to just dig out the other miniatures I have ready to go into lunches and finish them up. It would be a good idea. But progress is being made on them. I am happy. 
    I should have been finishing up the lunch sets, and the cat sets (I still need things for those) but I didn't, I moved on to starting some cross country kits. I got as far as cutting out this rainbow of vests and getting the padding in them. They still need Velcro, the pinnies, and then I need watches and medbands. But some decent progress was made on them. 
     I also got this pair of Breyer cats in the mail. They were from a single eBay auction. I am thinking one will stay here and be mine and the other can maybe be a giveaway during the next live sale. I have not totally settled on that idea yet, but I do like it. 
     So progress is being made, even though nothing is getting finished. Sooner or later things will get done. I am hoping today I can finish up at least a couple of the projects and then maybe early next week, if everything I need has arrived, I can get the cat sets wrapped up. Next week I also plan on getting started on several other miniature projects. 


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timaru star ii said...

The food looks so real that the only odd note is the stiffness of the cookie envelopes. And you could explain that by gleefully saying "Tyvek!"