Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Shipping (Miniatures Club Update)

      I tried to do a fun thing and start a miniatures club. In part it is an incentive to help my blog earn a bit of money, so it is somewhat less of a burden to keep going with it. Ko-fi offers tiers now, so it should have been easy.  I have a "thanks" tier that is a monthly donation of $3 and is just a thank you to me with no extra incentive. The second tier is level one of the miniatures club. It is a $6 monthly donation and every 3 months I will send you a random miniature. The third tier is level 2 of the miniatures club, which is a $10 per month donation. In level 2, every 3 months you receive either 2 miniatures, an extra cool miniature, or a handmade miniature. All of them are surprises (aren't all subscription clubs?) and for tier 3 you don't get to choose, it just depends on what I have for that month. 

    Setting everything up was a bit tricky, though not horrible. Then I ran into an issue. Of course. The idea was to make a small amount of money from the blog, not just make more work for myself. USPS shipping rates has found a way that it would be more work. So, sadly, I already have to make changes to the club. 
     I do not want to leave international collectors out, but with shipping charges being the way they are I would make nothing if I shipped a miniature every 3 months. To some countries I would actually lose money, which definitely is not fair to me. So the most reasonable option I have been able to come up with is I will ship the miniatures to international collectors once a year. I know this sucks, but this is the only way I can see that will make it work. If you are outside of the US and have already joined, and do not like the once a year shipping rule, you are totally free to cancel and I apologize for this. Really, anyone is free to cancel at any time, of course. Again, I am sorry this is what I have to do. But I definitely don't want to leave anyone out. 

If anyone is looking for the ko-fi page, it's here.

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Braymere said...

Nothing is easy. We'll figure this out. Hopefully.