Wednesday, September 8, 2021

New Herd Member,

      I really love Barnaby. He was the horse I painted for the 2021 NaMoPaiMo. I bought a Bitty Barnaby during Breyerfest. And recently I found another one for sale that I fell in love with. I resisted for a day or two but then needed to inquire whether or not he was still available. He was, we worked out the details, and when he arrived it was in the most padded packaging I have ever seen! I was immediately inspired to go post about it on the transaction board. Something I am abysmally horrible at remembering to do. 
     My new Barnaby, who was painted by Stephanie Blaylock, now stands on my mini shelf in between my NaMoPaiMo Barnaby and the mini Croi I bought from Stephanie Blaylock during Breyerfest. It seemed like the perfect spot for him. Both the Barnabys look like they are wondering what Croi is making such a fuss about!
     I think I have bought more new horses this year than in the past several years combined. Most of them have been mini or micro. Which is sort of funny to me since I prefer performance horses and don't show mini performance. I have definitely added some really excellent tiny horses to my herd this year!



Lawrence Nichols said...

I think it's time to start showing mini performance!

timaru star ii said...

'Don't show mini performance' sounds to me like famous last words. I happen to be making small scale tack right now,...