Saturday, December 4, 2021


     Last night I set up this post... and then I forgot all about it apparently. But then I woke up at 5:00, could not get back to sleep (bummer) so decided to get up just after 6:00. On a Saturday. When I didn't have to. *sigh* there are worse things I guess. I am thinking about maybe finally making a bridle today. Maybe.
     So anyway, yesterday's mail brought me a new painted micro! I wanted an Ember for a long time. I finally found an unpainted one last year, but as with most of my unpainted pieces, it has sat since then. I saw this one for sale recently and had to pick him up. This is a terrible no-flash, cell phone, kitchen table in shadow photo, but it's a really cute horse!
     I could see having more of these in my collection, and I don't typically get multiple copies of resins (except there is Barnaby... and all the other horses I have in all the sizes they come in...). There is another painted Ember I have been eyeballing. But I am trying to show some restraint. It's gifting season, I have savings goals, I should probably stop buying things for myself. 
     Here is another really horrible photo for you to enjoy. This is my small (lol, small) but mighty painted micro collection! The ones in the front on the bottom shelf were all painted by other people. The Jewel, Duke, Jumping Mule and Harmony (back row on the bottom) were painted by me. The top shelf was mostly painted by me. Sixjay was not. One of these days I will get better photos of these little horses. My new camera can get some really excellent photos of micros!
     My school day finished up a bit strangely yesterday. I had to actually say to a class "we don't need to be talking about whatever so-and-so did in 5th grade" and they made me worried for the last day of school before winter break. Everyone gets antsy right before the weekend, and I imagine it will be amplified right before a long break. This could get weird. 

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