Friday, February 4, 2022

Barn Girl

     There are some orders that are not complex, but they are different and kind of fun. Like this barn girl. In some ways she is just a very basic casual western doll. But in others she is not. 
     This lady is fully haired with a removable (resized) hat. She is also pretty dirty. She has been working hard around the barn all day and just doesn't have time to change her clothes, do her hair, or wash the dirt off her face. This lady has things to do!
     Unfortunately her dirtiness is not showing super well in my terrible photos. It was already dark out, the lighting in my house is awful, and the flash washes things out, even dirt apparently! For years when I have dirtied up dolls I have used super thinned out acrylic paint (or a tiny bit of paint in water is more accurate). This time I thought I would try making her dusty with... dust. So I pulled out my pastels and dirtied her up that way. It was definitely an interesting way to do it, and actually was a lot less messy and less time consuming. I didn't have to basically soak the doll and then wait for her to dry. So that was a bonus. I did give her a full spritz with matte sealer. She should be all set to get back to work. I definitely like making working dolls that really look like they have been working. I kind of want to do a little bit more to this doll. I should check and see if I can do that...
       In other news, I have a surprise that I have been wanting to reveal for over a week now. But this new item really needs a proper introduction. Barn girl took a peek and she can't wait for you to see it!



Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

EXCITED! Love Barn Girl, pastels are great for that.

timaru star ii said...

I love her detail. You are so amazing!

If I were her, I'd have dirty eyebrows and nose, because that's where I scratch. Zoom has made me realize this.

Anonymous said...

lol Timaru Star me too