Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Hiding Kitties

      I have been in a pretty good mood for the last several days. I don't feel harassed, super stressed, behind on anything, or like I am losing my mind. I've actually been semi-relaxed and really productive. I like it. It also makes me kind of sad because I don't know that I can get this good feeling to last when I go back to work next week. But for now I am happy and getting things done. 
      I am going through a major everything purge again. I decided I would try to tackle at least one area a day this week. Sunday I got really firm with myself and got photos of the clothes that were in the back of my car. I have either put aside, delivered or mailed everything that was claimed. I did forget to put the rest of the clothes in a donation box, but I will get there. 
     Monday I got out a box of crystal horses that I have been storing for years and got photos of all of them. Well, almost all of them, one of them I think I am keeping. But when I get everything pulled out that I want to list for sale, almost all of my crystal horses will get listed. Unfortunately, many of the boxes were damaged in storage. The horses are fine, their foam is fine, but many of the boxes got wet... and now are not any good. Does anyone know if the lack of box really knocks down the value of the Breyer crystal horses?
    Yesterday I meant to go through the closet in the living room, but that didn't happen. I did go through my mess on the kitchen table, sorted it, got rid of some things, and made the rest of it a lot neater. Then I went after the tack room. Again. I decided to pull out several tack pieces to let go of. I still have plenty, but I now have a neater tack room. Again. I also can see all the kitties that are hiding in the room. There is a little scratching black kitty behind the feed can. 
      I love the little stretching kitty hiding under the saddle rack. And of course the kitty lounging in the middle of the room. 
     I have had this little calico for longer than any of the others. She likes to hide out in different spots in the room. I do like my little (almost) 1:9 scale kitties. 
         Today the purging will continue. I am hoping to finally get into the closet today. I know there are some horses that need to come out of storage. I have a couple of different ones that I want to get into the closet. I want to find the rest of the crystal horses, and whatever Breyers are hiding out in there that I am going to let go of. I think only Firefly and Hawkeye are in that closet. Who knows. My props bin is in there and I want to go through that. I am sure there are at least some things I want to let go of. I know that I don't have nearly as many things as some collectors, but I do have a lot. And even if I let some things go, I will have a lot. But I am definitely OK with having less. 

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