Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Purge

      I finally got started. The purge has begun. So here's the thing about me. I am not a hoarder, but for my whole life I have sometimes struggled to let things go. Some of it is wondering how to get rid of certain things. Clothing is fairly easy. If it's in good condition, toss it in a donation box. But what about books? Books are actually pretty hard to rehome. Even libraries rarely take books these days. It's kind of insane. And used book sellers online MIGHT take books, but they will usually give you a few cents per book (unless it is a fancy hardcover book, and then you might get a few dollars), and you need to have a certain $$ amount before they will send you a shipping label. At least the one place I found that buys used books. Other things are also tricky to rehome. Because of all that I sometimes end up holding onto things far longer than they are useful to me. And then I wonder why I am still holding onto them. But then I think about all the money that was collectively spent on the things... and they stay. Maybe I can sell them? Lol, sometimes, but not always. And sometimes when you list things for sale they sit for a good long time before anyone wants to buy them. 

     Anyway, I often go through purge phases where I start going through everything I own, a bit at a time, and I work on downsizing. I feel that I have gotten out of hand, again, since the last really big purge I did. I have so much random stuff that I never see or use. It's time for more things to go. One of the things that I really wanted to move out was a large (very large) bag of clothing that has been living in the back of my car, since I have nowhere else to store them. Most of it is LuLaRoe stuff. When I bothered to dress up for school, I wore a ton of LuLaRoe stuff. It was really comfortable, which is definitely a bonus. But then 2020 happened. During the shutdown I wore my usual clothes, which is jeans and T-shirts (unlike many people I still wore real clothes when we were home). When we went back to school hybrid, I stuck with jeans and T-shirts. 2021 was the same. And then this year I have been in jeans and T-shirts as well. I did wear some dresses when it was hot at the beginning of the school year, but mostly I wear what I always wear. My school doesn't care, and I am most comfortable being me. I still have a pretty good sized collection of LuLaRoe clothing, but I pulled out a bunch of things... and then went into the back of my car with everything else. But yesterday was the day I finally did something about them. 
     I have actually had a lot of stuff listed on ebay or Mercari (or both) for months. But I would sell maybe one piece and then the stuff would sit for months. So yesterday I got photos of everything and texted them all to Elecktra. I said to pick out what she wanted, I put her choices aside, and after removing the photos I sent the rest on to a friend. After she chose I sent them on to another friend, and another. And now the rest will go in a donation bin. I was happy to rehome a bunch of stuff to friends and now I am ready to let the rest go. There comes a point where I stop thinking about the money I spent and think about the space I could have. 
     Not everything is going to be like that. I am planning on pulling out Breyer horses to sell. Potentially a couple of resins and customs. Maybe some tack. I mind even see about letting go of some miniatures. I have a lot. I need to find some time to get to that. I can do a little bit at a time though. I don't need everything to be cleaned, sorted and listed or rehomed all at once. It feels nice to have finally gotten started. And it feels productive. I wonder if now I can get any doll work done...

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