Wednesday, February 9, 2022


     When I made barn girl I forgot that I was supposed to not only dirty her up, but also distress her jeans some. I also meant to put some straw her in her hair, but I forgot all of it. So I went back in and fixed that.
    It really is not a challenging thing to add wear to denim. I usually grab a file or sand paper and just sand a bit. Easy.
     Distressing jeans is also weirdly fun. Trying to make sure the wear looks believably realistic can be a challenge, but making things look used is interesting.
     Yesterday was another challenging day. I didn’t slack off at school but I still felt like I wasn’t really getting things done. I hate when that happens. I had another class that was incredibly frustrating and I sat at my desk and tried to sort out who was doing/saying what. You can’t write a kid up for being annoying. Or for talking instead of doing their work. I got home and I did a tiny bit of doll work. But I am honestly so mentally exhausted when I get home that it’s hard to function. I need a break. 6 and a half days until vacation!


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