Saturday, February 5, 2022

Huge Frustration, Tiny Horse

     I am always trying to think of things to post about, since I don't want to miss any days. Sometimes to facilitate that I will put a photo, or several photos, into a post, give it a title, or not, and then save them until I have time to do the writing. This time around I had this photo of my tiny Bean, micro Otto, by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig. Bean is a tiny little thing. He's incredibly cute, full of attitude, and I definitely need to stop buying unpainted micros. I am pretty much firmly to the realization that I am unlikely to ever get any of these painted, let alone all of them. So this cute little Bean will hang out for a while while I play keep-or-sell. That is my life. It just occurred to me, people who don't collect things likely don't often think about whether or not to sell their things. It just struck me as a really abnormal thing. Hmm. 
     Anyway, I am not 100% sure what the Huge frustration is/was that I put in the post title. It may have been the network at school being slow for the past several days. Things we sent to the printer got lost, scanning either didn't work or took forever (it took me 45 minutes to scan 7 things so I could put them on Google Classroom), but who knows. My frustration could have been about something else. The network issues seem likely though. I also had an insanely frustrating class again the other day. I had to remind them, many times, that they are in high school, not elementary school. It was rough. But then on Thursday I started class by saying we needed to have a talk about things. I said that they know very well that I am not going to yell, but if the unacceptable behavior kept up I would just calmly sit at my desk and start the write ups. I am not going to yell over kids. Or get physically ill from the stress of trying to teach them. Thursday was amazing. Not only was everyone quiet, but they got their work done and then we all had pleasant conversation for the rest of the class. I really like when things like that happen!
     It's still winter, I still hate the winter, and I am still cold. But the 10 day forecast is somewhat promising. Starting tomorrow, unless things change, it will be above freezing, with many days in the 40s. While that is not nice weather, warmER is a start. Not freezing is a good move as well. It's 2 weeks until February break. Just throwing that out there. 

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