Friday, February 18, 2022

I Did It!

     During February, "I did it1", usually means that I finished my NaMoPaiMo horse. But that is not what I did. I still need to make some time to work on the last few details of my horse. I think the body color is nice, and if I give him eyes and hooves, maybe the smallest bit of white, he should be done. But I have to get to that part. It hasn't happened just yet. 
     No, this I did it is about dolls. I did it. I finally got out the sewing machine and got some doll clothes sewn! I should have gotten these dolls finished at least a week ago, but I just could not make myself do the sewing. But I finally managed it. It seems like a really big deal. 

     So I took that bit of success and I went into school yesterday for the (almost) half day. I was giving all of my classes time to work on any makeup work they had to do. I took a whole lot of my time going into aspen and writing everyone a sticky note telling them which assignments they are missing. They are all fully able and capable of logging into aspen and doing the same thing. I had kids sit through the entire short class period doing nothing. Because the makeup work wasn't in their folder. Well, I don't know where it ended up, but if you are missing something, maybe ask me, since I am only a pretty good mind reader. It's hard to do well when you have 13 different kids all at once. Anyway, each and every assignment is also posted on Google Classroom. No one really has any excuses for not doing their work. 
    I made it through the day without anyone making me angry. I told several of my classes to be prepared because after break we would be using phone jail. I said that the phones have been abused for far too long. I reminded them that if they refused I would just call an admin. I am not playing these games anymore. If I have to turn into the mean teacher, I will do it. If the only way I can teach them is if I am strict and no fun, that will be fine. 
    So after the kids left we had professional development. But I got to skip it to do teacher stuff because I don't have enough time. I got things scanned so I could get them on Google Classroom, adjusted different assignments, and then I tried to figure out what to do next in algebra after we get through the next 2 units. We are getting into the scarier territory. So I was looking through the book and realized that there are a lot of equations with fractions... and I am pretty sure these kids (most of them, if not all) really have no idea how to do math with fractions. So I guess that will be the next thing. If I can at least give then a good, strong foundation of these skills, maybe they will have an easier time in geometry next year. I am glad I don't have to do geometry... not a math that I like. 
     Now I am on vacation for a week and I am thinking that besides doll work I am going to be doing a whole bunch of purging. I want to go through and get a bunch of horses photographed and listed for sale. I think it's better to sell some than have stuff sitting in boxes. I might even go through tack and props. I just have had very little interest in anything to do with showing. Maybe the tiniest bit of downsizing would be OK. We'll see. Over break I also want to read. Lots and lots of reading. And sleeping late! That will be excellent. 

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