Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Ready, Set, Snap!

      Yesterday I had one of the worst days at school since I started teaching. I had kids complaining about the assignments again (coloring, it's an easy project), technical difficulties that ate up time during classes and my prep, and such bad behavior it was just ridiculous. When we got home I asked Travis if I could have a hug and a big squeeze. I got a huge hug and lots of squeezes. It helped. 
     So I decided I needed to finish the doll I was working on, which I managed, and I wanted to get a start on my NaMoPaiMo horse. Because I need to at least start. I did not do an acrylic base coat, just jumped in with pastels over the gray primer. This is just one layer, before sealer. Not bad at all. 
On the second layer I snapped the tail off. With the brush. Because of course I did. So I brought him outside, got the sealer on him, and came back in and got the glue. 
     Since the glue needs some time to cure I figured I would stop messing with the horse and just be done for the day. So 2 layers of pastel and a repaired tail is what I managed. That's something I guess. 
      I am hoping today is a better day all around. Better at school, with the network working properly so I can get things scanned like I need to. Maybe I can get some more work done on my horse or work on some miniatures. Who knows. But I am hopeful. 



Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

Stay hopeful! My horse is also still in basecoats.

timaru star ii said...

Your title is great but painful. Best of luck for the next steps. P.S. I haven't even started on mine yet -- gotta finish some tack.