Friday, March 15, 2019

SNEWRU part 5. CM Other Performance

    Sunday of SNEWRU was CM performance day.  I had double the number of horses to show (so, two) and I was ready. I had done a lot of work and planning to get Halestorm ready for the show. My first class of the day was showmanship. I had decided fairly last minute (a few days before the show weekend) that I wanted to show Halestorm in the class instead of Caramel Latte. I even made her some new documentation to make things fit her a bit better. 

       I used a different pattern, made sure the reference photo was a trotting horse and I cut down the description a bit to make it easier on the judge. 
     Over the years showmanship has gotten more and more entries in Region X and it was not a tiny class. I was pleased to see that my efforts paid off when Halestorm got first in the class.
     The second class of the day for me was other costume-parade. Mocha Latte was in this one wearing the lovely parade tack made by Wendy Ward. It doesn't fit her perfectly, but I fiddled with it a lot to try to get it to fit as well as it possibly could. Today I managed first in parade and was definitely happy with that. 

       Years ago I was looking for a scene entry and a way to use a ton of dolls all in one scene. But I also needed an excuse for them to all be wearing show clothes because I didn't want to make a bunch of random dolls that would just be a crowd. I might do that someday, but today is not that day. Anyway, I came up with the idea for the picnic at the horse show. It was now possible to have a whole bunch of people in show clothes and have it make sense. Plus since the show I made it for originally had scene after showmanship it worked out great. The documentation says that so and so (I put a name for the doll but I don't remember it) and her horse went to visit some friends after their showmanship class. Or something like that. I have a whole ton of detail photos for the details post. I made pretty much everything in this scene. And apparently left my lens cap in the middle of the footing when I took this pic...
     Next Mocha Latte went into Other Performance with the vaulting entry. I was happy when I looked at the photos to note that the pad had stayed flat on her back. I really do love this entry and I am glad I decided to do it. Jennifer Buxton made the vaulting set and did a wonderful job on it. Morgen Rossomando suggested at TRXC when she judged that I do something to the pad to make it lay neater. So I stitched it down the center like a saddle pad and it worked nicely. I may find something else to add to this entry sooner or later. I am on the hunt for a proper lunge whip, especially in pink. So far no luck finding any lunge whip though. I may also make a different doll for handler eventually. Not that I necessarily need one, my Elecktra doll is great. Though I do need to rehair the doll. I gave her a short pixie cut since that is what Elecktra had when I made the doll. But now she has super crazy long hair. And the poor doll has some bald spots so yeah, she needs to be rehaired. Maybe soon. 
    At the end of the other performance division I had gotten either 1st or second place in all of the classes I entered and Halestorm ended up with Other Performance champion! That was definitely a good way to start the day. 
     I entered QVPO while I was at SNEWRU and I decided yesterday that I am going to enter Long Island Model Horse Expo. Laura Rock-Smith puts on a great show from what I have heard, her daughter is one of my daughter's best friends (it's tough to have a bestie that lives so many far away) and I would really like to do some more showing. Performance day of LIMHE is April 14th, which is also the beginning of April break for school. So the fact that I am planning on doing the 3.5 hour drive to Long Island in the morning (at dark O'clock) and then back home after the show is not the worst thing since I will then have a week off from school. QVPO is April 27th so I have some show prep to do. Again. Still. I've heard it both ways. So it looks like that gives me about 5 weeks to get ready for LIMHE and 7 weeks to get ready for QVPO. Looks like it's time for another to-do list for projects and printing class lists to start making show plans!


Blue Ribbon Studios said...

Hello there! I think I might be able to make you that hot pink lunge whip! I could send you an email, if you are interested! They are $15. My email is

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Awesome! I will send you an email :)

timaru star ii said...

As for the lens cap, it could be one of those manhole covers for arena plumbing or electricity. Just a thought!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

At least the lens cap was not on there for the class, just after :)