Sunday, December 8, 2019

Black Friday Loot Photos

     I had a lot of fun doing my Black Friday live sale. It was a lot of work leading up to it, though not nearly as much work as taking thousands of photos and making a hundred ads. I think the amount of work I had afterwards was because I needed an extra person to help me take notes when things went to fast during the sale. There was also the fact that I have, so far shipped about 30 individual packages (I don't have an exact count because I don't want to dig out my notes that I do have, lol). Many of the packages went overseas and the packing/postage buying takes just a bit longer on those. In general though, I am incredibly pleased with the results of my first ever live sale. I am sort of thinking about doing another one in the Spring. I need to decide what I want to make for it, since currently I have very little in stock. 
     One thing that I have been getting, that I never expected, is loot photos! These have made me incredibly happy. I think I have mostly only ever seen loot photos after Breyerfest. It started with a batch of photos from Emily Schenfelt. I would never have thought to put the s'mores saddle pad on an appaloosa (I also don't own a traditional scale appaloosa) but I think it looks fantastic on this horse! I didn't make the tack or the yellow pad, but this photo has the s'mores pad and the horse boots Emily bought. And I love it. 
photo by Emily Schenfelt
     Next, Sara Bowman posted her loot photo. I love the cookie material and I keep thinking I should make something else with it. Maybe another saddle pad. Sara won most of this answering my trivia questions and by winning one of the door prizes. In case anyone is wondering, I am already casually gathering prizes for whenever I do the next live sale. Maybe for my birthday. 
photo by Sara Bowman
     Rita Tupa shared this really excellent photo of the rooster she won as a share prize. He looks really good with her tree skirt I think. 
Photo by Rita Tupa
     Joan Yount had helpers to open her share prizes. The cats are all apparently very into packages and always want to know what is in them. I hear they all lined up to get scratches from the tiny rake, though Patches tried to steal it!
photo by Joan Yount
     I've also received several traditional messages saying that the Black Friday items arrived. I love all of them, but the loot photos are just so much fun to see! The fact that the sale went over so well definitely makes me want to do another one!

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