Saturday, December 21, 2019

Snow Day Sewing

     Tuesday we had a snow day. Again. Not all that much snow fell, but we did have a lot of wintry mix and freezing rain. It was good to not be out in that mess. I decided it was a good day to get some more work done on the bowl cozies for Crystal. I had already done a lot of prep work so I figured it would not take too much time. 
Silly me. I got started with the first lines of stitching.
     But I quickly realized that they were not the flatter shape that Crystal was looking for. At least I didn't think so. I snapped a picture, along with some saddle pads, and I sent it to her and asked if she could send me a photo of the flatter ones. I was struggling to remember how to make them. 

      While I waited for Crystal to get back to me I got to work on some saddle pads. My plan for the day had been to sew a few saddle pads, sew the bowl cozies and to make a jockey. As often happens, my plans morphed a bit. 

     I did work on the jockey a bit. But he is going to take a lot of glueing and rebuilding. So I glued his legs and left him to dry. And then back to work on saddle pads. 
      Since the first cozy was not the correct shape I had to cut out pieces for another one. 
     The first half of it looked better. Maybe closer to the right shape. It looked similar to the photo Crystal sent. 

     The finished product looked just about right. It's tough when you don't remember where you found the instructions you used and have to sort of guess and trial and error things. 

     I'm not sure how I thought that sewing the cozies would be quick, lol. I have done them before. They actually take a lot of sewing to give them the correct shape. I watched a lot of Ru Paul's Drag Race. I meant to watch some Christmas movies with Travis but I just kept on sewing. 

     Comparing the first cozy and the redesigned cozy made me fairly confident that I got the shape correct. So I did the rest of the sewing. 
       I like stacks of cozies in matching sets. Now Crystal's Hello Kitty cozies, the set of 4 flatter ones and the one extra less flat one, is all set. I do like how they came out. The color combination is perfect!

      In the end I made 5 cozies, 12 saddle pads, started to rebuild a doll to make a jockey, I made a batch of dried cranberries and a turkey. It was a fairly productive snow day. I got very little doll work done, though I had more of it in my plan originally. I didn't go out and do the laundry either, it was weird. But I have a good start on some stock for my live sale in March. 
      I think I am just about done with Christmas shopping, which is good, and I have one bit of Christmas shipping to get to. But I am just about set. Now I am waiting for multiple Amazon packages to come in, even though I ordered everything at once I am sure it will be several boxes spread over a couple of days. I need to get to some serious gift wrapping soon.

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timaru star ii said...

That's an impressive amount of work done for one day, I think. I like the cozies!