Sunday, December 15, 2019

Good Mail Day

     I love a good mail day. I didn't get one of the packages I was waiting for, but I did get some fun stuff. I picked up a Scoot zebra micro mini. I love that he came wrapped in zebra striped tissue paper! I need to get to prepping. I don't feel like prepping. Grr. My collection of unpainted micros is getting a bit out of control. Not as big as some, I am sure, but big enough. I need to paint them. 
     I got some little iridescent snowflakes for a project I have coming up. They are not exactly what I was searching for, but they are close. And they are pretty and not cold. So basically, perfect snowflakes. 
     I also got this guy. These dolls are insanely realistic! He is going to be a cowboy. Soon. And I am excited about it. He is a bit taller than the Breyer guy, or the type S body, but some people are really tall. He probably would be too big for a small model, but he will be great for some of the larger horses. It is so fantastic to have a different face! And a very realistic one. I may need to get some other basketball players to make into model horse riders soon. I need to see how hard this guy is to work with. He should ride well, he has lots of articulation. 
    I didn't get my Colorstreet nail strips I was waiting for, that were supposed to be delivered. I am eager to try them out and see if they can last through doll work. Fabritac eats regular nail polish. The gel stuff can tough out my glue, but none of the other nail polish strips I have tried have been able to work. I am hoping Colorstreet will be good. Though I only got them because Elecktra's aunt was having a party and I wanted to help her earn free stuff. But I am hopeful. I will also likely have some more good mail days coming up in the near future. 


timaru star ii said...

This is a doll?? Honestly, for a while I thought that was a PhotoShopped real person there... !!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see what you do with new doll. That zebra looks so cute.

Braymere said...

Hanna Bear used some of those basketball dolls at the Jennifer Show, and they looked amazing. I need one or ten.