Saturday, December 14, 2019

Western day

     There are days when I get no doll work done. There are days when no matter how hard I try, I get very little done, even with maximum effort. Then there are some days when I am super efficient and get a lot done but it doesn't seem like I had to work all that hard. I like those days. The other day was one of those really efficient days. And it made me really happy. 
      I was working on a western pleasure doll and I had to get a picture of her face. I really like her face. I can never seem to get the eyebrows on the doll at exactly the same level, so they always look  little bit quizzical. But I do like her face. 
      In general, I also really like her outfit. I was thinking of a very different design when I started her, but this is where I went with her. Sometimes, when I am making a random doll I will have only part of a plan in mind. Or an exact plan with reference pictures and everything. Sometimes, even when I have a plan things just go in a different direction. I like it though. 
     I also made a saddle pad to go with this doll. It doesn't really show in the photo, but it is black glitter fabric, just like the top on the doll. I need to work on making a bunch more saddle pads one of these days. Maybe next week, we'll see. 
      I am not working at a blistering pace these days, but that is OK. I am getting things done and I am not stressing. It's a pretty good balance. Travis and I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies which is also fun. Other than the cold things are pretty great for the most part right about now. 

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pawprint said...

Yes! I love the Christmas-movie-watching bit of this time of year. I really love the classics like A Christmas Carol and some of the modern ones like Love Actually. Right now they're airing a few too many Hallmark Christmas movies for my liking, but they're good to have on if I just want some noise in the background while I'm doing something else. Do you and Travis agree on which one you like best?